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About Kate


Kate is a Professional Certified Coach & Recovery Specialist partnering with individuals in helping them to be successful in their lives.

Kate is committed to empowering individuals in uncovering behavior patterns and limiting beliefs that impact their ability to accomplish goals and/or make healthy life choices. And, discovering strategies and resources that support them to achieve sustainable change.

Kate has a rich background in corporate leadership and community recovery efforts, which has led her to specialize in working with professionals to transform from unproductive to productive coping strategies. She is also passionate about serving adolescents who have a family member managing a mental health and/or substance use disorder, in one-on-one sessions and through her weekly Teen Peer Support Group.

Kate is the Founder of The Brightening Center, a wellness center providing coaching, therapy, and mind-body services in an interdisciplinary care team approach.  Kate understands the effort and challenges it takes to achieve mental wellness and opened the Center to provide an integrated and innovative approach for its clients and their families.  Its team of experts work together to understand each client's unique diagnosis and needs and design personalized and customized treatment and recovery plans.  

Kate has a Therapy Dog, Shenan, who provides a therapeutic benefit to those who face difficult challenges.