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Leaders excel through understanding
what they do,
why they do it, and
how they do it

"The secret of CHANGE is to focus all of your energy not fighting the OLD, but on building the NEW!"

- Socrates

Core focus

Kate Parsons Coaching offers a transformative coaching experience that empowers leaders to overcome unproductive behaviors, including substance use disorder, and develop their leadership skills. By gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their impact, our clients learn to navigate the complexities of work and personal life with greater ease. With our support, leaders can identify limiting beliefs and behaviors, develop a personalized action plan for change, and achieve sustainable success in their personal and professional lives.

We also partner with organizations to execute change and  build new habits that elevate people's well-being to drive innovative success.


Leadership today requires high emotional intelligence, the ability to embrace change, and an extraordinary ability to build relationships. In order to achieve these competencies, leaders must be self-driven.

The practice of self-leadership involves understanding who you are, identifying your desired outcomes, and intentionally pursuing them. It encompasses what you do, why you do it, and the way you do it.

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Balancing work and family demands can be a significant burden for many leaders and professionals, and it is not uncommon for these stressors to lead one to turn to unproductive methods of coping.

Being self-led requires one to be proactive in seeking expertise to better understand their current situation and develop a strategy to take corrective action.


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Leadership Development

Providing leadership development services to leaders so they can maximize their abilities and successfully manage their teams.

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Personal Transformation

Using a partnership-based model approach where each client discovers their individual path to becoming free of unproductive coping methods.

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Organizational Culture

Working with organizations to build a series of small changes and habits that contribute significantly to success and well-being at work.

Benefits of Coaching

Benefits of Coaching

Deeper Learnings

About yourself, how you are perceived, where you can improve, and what you stand for that leads to greater conviction.


Of perspectives, beliefs, & attitudes that hold you back and becoming aware of areas that are limiting your success.


Leaning in and taking action faster and more precisely while being confident of your decision-making.


The ability to communicate effectively, to build relationships, to delegate, to manage conflict, to build teams, and to persuade.

Client Feedback

Client Feedback

 "I highly recommend Kate as a mentor and a coach. While working with her over the past year, she has helped me to recognize my talents and be more effective in my work. She has been an excellent sounding board; knowing when to challenge me and when to listen to understand."

Pharmaceutical Accounts Manager

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